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Bring the blessing to your home and garden.


According to traditional belief in the East as well as the West:

  • Wind chimes promote peace good health.
  • Wind chimes brings good energy to the home.
  • Ringing a bell before prayer or during meditation is meant to “call for the protection of the heavenly deities” and can help you focus your mind on the task at hand.
  • Wind chimes Are used to keep the house from negative energy.
  • Create an atmosphere of calm and transcendence.


Just imagine:

You arrive home after an exhausting day of work.
The weather is hot and you are finally trying to relax after a full day of runs and errands.
All you want now is a few minutes of rest, to calm down the thoughts that have been bothering you all day, and finally, be able to breathe a sigh of relief
Suddenly there comes a pleasant breeze
The sound of the Wind Bless wind chimes is heard in the air,
you surrender to the sounds and allow your body to sink into your seat.
You finally have a real moment of peace.

This is the real blessing you brought to your home.
How good it was that I treated myself to the perfect pleasure.


It’s good to be home.

The Best Quality Wind Chimes Money Can Buy.

Our wind chimes have a unique sound which is created through an original design crafted by Yosef Schwarts-Shahar. Every time the wind gently tingles and wafts through the chimes, a new melody will be played. This will help to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere for your garden or porch. This effect and design you will find nowhere else on the market – they are one of a kind. The reason for this is that they are designed and tuned in such a way that creates a wonderful melody.


Shared stories

Beautiful Sound + Love How They Look!

I loved how quickly I received my order! I also loved the packaging which included a little biography about the maker.
I love that these wind chimes are made by a musician!! Such a fun way to use musical talent!! I put these chimes right next to my other ones. I also like how minimalist they are – not too flashy!

House Fur

Sound of Heaven

MESMERIZING!!! Beautifully packaged and the harp striker is gorgeous and so unique. They are such high quality! The notes are so tranquil to the ear and perfectly tuned. Thank you, Yosef!!! These are now our favorite thing in our garden!


“I just love it so much….  thank you guys for a great product
I had so many wind chimes in my life, I never enjoyed any of them as much as I love yours”

Quality Chime with a Beautiful Sound

 I’ve been searching for a wind chime to hang on my arbor that is sturdy enough to endure Michigan’s ever-changing weather . Not only is this chime well-made, but it sounds beautiful; rich and full, not “tinny” like so many other chimes. My husband really loves it because it has a lovely engraved silver guitar hanging from it, and he’s a collector. If I’d thought about it before I bought it, I could have given it to him as a gift. The boxing is actually beautiful!
VERY happy with this chime. I’m sure you will be too!

Dynamic 353


“I bought the wind Bless wind chimes over a month ago at first my husband resisted and asked: ” what do you need it for? ” but then when I hung it on a branch in our garden a gentle wind came along and he was just charmed from its melody… since then he always sits next to it waiting for the next breeze”

All around amazing!

The packaging was perfect it was secure and safe. The product design is beautiful. Everything about this is so over my expectations at sounds just amazing and the quality is impeccable the sound is like nothing I’ve heard from chimes before!! If you choose to order this for yourself or a loved one I’m sure that you will for sure not be disappointed!!

Amanda Rodriguez