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wind bless was founded by Yosef Schwarts Shahar

a musician, conductor, and piano tuner with over 15 years of collective experience in investigating the curative qualities of sound and music.
My methods for creating these wind chimes are steeped in my professional experience as a musician first and foremost and to this end, I have created an exceptional technique for creating wind chimes that produce music, not just a jingle.

 wind bless Story


Our Wind Chimes are truly unique because I have increased the length of the bells to 37.5” which helps in the tuning of the wind chimes to produce musical melodies rather than just sound. I have also designed a beautiful paddle that is exclusive to our product, whereas other brands use very similar, if not the same, designs and tunes.


Most other brands of wind chimes use a 5-notes (pentatonic) scale with smaller bells. Through long-term use, they lose their pleasant sound and turn to dissonance, especially when the wind is particularly strong. My design avoids this and maintains a strong musical quality throughout their entire lifetime.


The reason I wanted to create such a wind chime is that so many people these days are living a busy life and are constantly moving and distracted by electronic screens and digital sounds. This tends to increases stress levels, anxiety, and rates of depression in modern society. The relaxing melody that my wind chimes produce can help to reduce those stress levels and help you to relax, focus on recharging themselves and uplifting their spirit.


A lot of people prefer natural sounds, not digital recordings of them; such as rain, the wind rustling through trees, and distant thunderstorms. Wind chimes are an elegant method of making sure you are listening to the authentic music of nature.


This is the reason why I have spent a considerable amount of time in developing the best wind chimes that can act as a restorative aid in your busy life. Their graceful design also allows you to beautify your garden or porch at the same time, making it multifunctional and fantastic value for money for the benefits you will reward yourself with.


How do I find out more about your special wind chimes?


Feel free to check out our Buy Now page to get more information on what makes our wind chimes the highest-quality and the finest on the market. If you’d like further information, we are happy for you to contact us below.