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Unique Uplifting Sound!

Tuned by The Musician Yosef Schwarts Shahar the founder of – Healing Through Music HTM. Treating our Wind Chimes as a musical instrument Yosef tuned our wind chimes to an Uplifting Frequency. Yosef gave the Wind Chimes that heavenly sound that makes you eagerly wait for the next breeze.

Artistic Design!

Unique design by an Artist and Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else.
The unique design of the ancient Harp as a sail turns your wind chimes into an art exhibition that decorates the garden or balcony and gives it a special design addition.
our Ancient Harp design is Copyright protected.

The Highest Quality!

All metal parts Are Built out of anodized Aluminum Painted with High-quality painting by oven paint or paint powder (according to the type of paint).
Every tube is tuned manually for the best accurate results.

A Small Investment For Many Years!

We made our product with a lot of love and creativity, we invested in it A long period of research and development.
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Let your garden sing for you today

Up spirits wind chimes
Large 37.5 inch

Black velvet
UPC 601754649592

Up spirits wind chimes
Large 37.5 inch

Oriental Turquoise
UPC 601754649578

Up spirits wind chimes
Large 37.5 inch

Milky White
UPC 601754649554

Up spirits wind chimes
Large 37.5 inch

New !!!

Ocean Blue
UPC 782588472669

Up spirits wind chimes
Large 37.5 inch

New !!!

Rose Gold
UPC 782588472676

Up spirits wind chimes
Large 37.5 inch

Royal Gold
UPC 601754649547

Unique beading
Indore suncatcher

 Great christmas gift !!!
only $14.76

Gift box included

UPC  601754649615

Our Products

Each of our restorative wind chimes is built out of anodized aluminum, meaning they are sturdy and are perfect conductors for creating the perfect melody and sound frequency. We take great care and attention with our wind chimes as they are created to help people through their treatments and therapies – to this end, we inspect every single product before it is sent out to ensure the tuning is flawless and the build quality will stand the tests