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Up Spirits Wind Chimes for Outside – 37.5 In. Large Wind Chimes with S-Hook and 6 Tubes Tuned to Chord Intervals for Harmonizing, Uplifting Music – Weather-Resistant Sympathy Wind Chimes by Wind Bless

  • Music to the Ears – Some outdoor wind chimes sow discord with dissonant 5-note scales. Your Up Spirits chimes by Wind Bless make a pleasant arpeggio since the bells are tuned to chord intervals.
  • Sounds of Serenity – Music affects emotions, energy, and more. Harmonize your spirit and household energy with memorial wind chimes featuring notes carefully chosen for their powers of positivity.
  •  Quality Chimes In – Neither sun nor rain spoil your outdoor chimes’ songful sounds. They resist water, frost, wind, and other weather since they’re made from a premium, galvanized aluminum material.
  • Unbox Beauty – Don’t settle for generic, mass-produced chimes for outdoors. Your Wind Bless tuned wind chimes add elegance to your garden decor with their unique harp-shaped paddle.
  •  Securely Arranged – Large and small wind chimes with side-connected bells become tattered and tangled too easily. Your Wind Bless wind chime stays pristine since we connect its bells in the middle.
Wind Bless, Tune Into Splendid Sounds

Many small and large wind chimes for outside sound cacophonic with notes that are right next to each other on the scale. Enhance harmony within the sounds, your home, and yourself with Up Spirits chimes by Wind Bless. Their tubes create beautiful, uplifting chords since they’re specially tuned at chord intervals by musician Yosef Schwarts-Shahar. Find your bliss with Wind Bless.

Divine Tones, It’s All in the Details

Your patio decor’s lovely chords and looks arise from its divine design:

  • Shaped as an ancient harp, the 3.9×5.4 in. paddle symbolizes your extra large wind chimes’ distinct musicality.
  • Aluminum tubes with 2.5 cm. diameters and 1.5 mm. thickness make strong sounds.
  • Tubes ranging from 10.6-16.15 in. with a 2.8×0.7 in. striker play deep notes.
  • At 37.5 in. long from top to bottom, the chimes make striking patio decor.

    Personalize the Play

    Make your deep tone wind chimes’ music truly your own. Its hardwood pendulum is adjustable, allowing you to alter the tone and even mute certain sounds.

    Get the Hang of It

    Installing your large outdoor chimes is a breeze since it comes with a special-yet-simple S-hook. Just be sure to hang it from a sturdy nail or branch so the pipes can sway with the breeze.

    Melodies to Memorialize

    Music can do more than please the ears. Your home decor wind chimes for loss of loved one can help connect us through spiritual frequencies to those who are gone, making them a thoughtful sympathy gift for a grieving loved one or for yourself.

    That Sounds Great

    Give the gift of peace and connection with your Up Spirits wind chimes. Packaged in a gorgeous gift box, they’re sure to lift up the spirits of anyone around.

    Make your patio, garden, or porch sing arpeggios with Wind Bless’ Up Spirits chimes. Add 1 to your cart today!